Student Associations


The aim of our club is to explain him and his ideas to all university youth, especially the youth of Cyprus West University, in line with the principles of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk based on intelligence and science.

Consultant Asst. Assoc. Dr. Timucin Ozkan



Club activities are carried out to ensure that young people take care of the environment in order to leave a livable world to future generations, find new solutions to protect the environment and implement them.

  • Civil defense
  • Improving environmental perception being sensitive to the environment
  • Ecology trips
  • Production from Waste Materials

Science Club aims at social and cultural development in line with Atatürk's principles and aims to bring our country to the level of modern and contemporary civilizations. To promote and spread science in the national field and to raise awareness of the society about science.

- It is one of our aims to conduct and research scientific experiments with the benefit of the university and to discover new ones with the results of these experiments.

- To provide the opportunity for our members to do the necessary experiments to transform their developed hypotheses into theories.

- Experiments will be carried out in order to test previously tried or untested experiments or a new idea, and will be carried out in an environment where everyone can participate with the same prescriptiveness, in a way to ensure the production of knowledge.

- Providing communication with other student clubs interested in science in Turkey and abroad, exchanging information and organizing joint activities is another goal.

Cyprus West University Science Club strives to support and facilitate scientific studies. Organizes social activities that contribute to the individual development of the Science Club members. It carries out activities to increase the mental and physical skills of its members.


To ensure that the club members train themselves better, to develop the leadership, self-confidence and cooperation skills of the members through travel, cultural-social activities, and to provide integrity with financial and moral assistance among the group members.

It is a club established for the students of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management to improve their skills such as preparing tours and organizing. In addition to the activities related to gaining general business formation, there are also training programs that include the general working philosophy of the tourism and hospitality industry and where knowledge that requires expertise is taught. The club provides students with opportunities to increase their practical experience.

Advisor Instructor: Tuğrul Günay

Phone: 0548 850 34 63



To ensure that young people are interested in any sport, to avoid all kinds of bad habits by developing physically and mentally, to work for them to be beneficial individuals for themselves, their families, their environment, therefore to their country and nation, and to develop in terms of material, spiritual health and aesthetics, Club activities are carried out to help them progress.


  • Basketball
  • Riding
  • football
  • Fitness
  • Folk dances
  • Scouting
  • Karate
  • Kick box
  • Ping pong
  • Archery
  • Paintball
  • Tae-kwon-do
  • Volleyball
  • Wushu
  • Swimming

Consultant Instructor: Zehra Değirmencioğlu



Cyprus West University Animal Protection Club is an official student club, continuing its activities on a voluntary basis.

To meet the nutritional needs of the animals in the campus so that they can continue their lives in the best way,

Working in cooperation with Famagusta Municipality's Temporary Animal Care Center, registering the animals, treating the injured and restoring their health, and preventing uncontrolled reproduction by sterilization,

Informing staff and students who voluntarily deal with animals by organizing seminars and certified programs,

By organizing various activities, it is not only to remain insensitive to the animals living on the campus, but also to the animals living on the street and in shelters.


Encouraging and developing the service ideal, which is considered as the basis of all valuable enterprises, Developing and evaluating acquaintance as a service opportunity, Promoting high moral standards in business and professional life, recognizing and appreciating the value of all useful professions,

To glorify his job and profession as an opportunity to serve the society,

“Application of the ideal of service in personal life, business and professional life and community life is defined as the development of international understanding, goodwill and peace by establishing world-wide friendly relations between business and professional people united in the Service Ideal.

According to these principles;

It is an understanding and a way of life.

It is social and has no hidden aspect.

It improves international familiarity.

It allows friendship and friendship to develop.

It provides an opportunity to exchange information between business and professional people.

It gives business and professional people the opportunity to support each other.

It creates a more humane society in an atmosphere of friendship and friendship.

It improves the leadership abilities of the members and enables them to be beneficial to the society through constructive studies.

It helps to develop relations between the states of the world and to ensure universal peace.

The purpose of classification in Student Exchange Clubs; To ensure that each club has a complete cross-section of all jobs and professions in the region. It strives to create order where there is confusion, beauty where there is ugliness, happiness and health where there is loneliness and misunderstanding. According to this principle, it is an organization that tries to bring together people of different religious, racial and political views in an atmosphere of friendship and in a neutral environment. Accordingly, it also helps the development of cooperation and understanding for the combined benefits by avoiding partisan activities that cause frequent divisions among people, even if opinions and opinions differ.

Its basic approach is to create common values ​​between people and internationally, bring people closer to each other and contribute to universal peace.

It is asked to develop and encourage the following four subjects.

Considering the improvement of acquaintance as a service opportunity,

Establishing high ethical standards in business and profession,

Recognizing that all useful work is respectable,

To glorify his own business and profession as an opportunity to serve the society,

The application of the ideal of service to their personal business and community life is the development of mutually understanding goodwill and peace by establishing world-wide friendly relations between business and professional people united in the ideal of Service.


The aim of our club; to inform young people about entrepreneurship and to activate their entrepreneurial potential. In addition, to enable students to get to know business life closely, to help them prepare for business life and to contribute to the social life of the university by developing friendship relations.