About Famagusta

As there are about 4,500 years of uninterrupted life, Famagusta is the longest settlement on the island with this feature. With its historical inns, traditional workshops, restaurants, cafeterias, shops, 24/7 live life and much more, Famagusta will fill your university life with unforgettable memories.

Cyprus West University symbolizes the contemporary aspect of Cyprus which is a historical and cultural center of the Mediterranean, was founded in 2015 in Famagusta. Deep-rooted historical, natural and cultural richness, the Mediterranean climate, clean air, peaceful and safe lives through North Cyprus is among the most preferred countries by 70% from Turkey and 100 different countries for higher education.

Cyprus provides an ideal environment for education with at least 300 days of sunshine and open weather and the comfort of living provided by mild climate features. With its unspoiled rich natural beauties, unique vegetation, golden beaches, and crystal-clear waters, Cyprus is ready to accompany you to transform your educational life into a unique experience.